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Medical Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskin

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Medical sheepskins are great for persons who are bed ridden, for new-borns and babies in prams and strollers, as well as for general use such as throws on couches, chairs and benches. They are hypoallergenic and provide a soft but supportive cushioning to prevent and relieve pressure. The dense, soft wool fibres provide a gentle cushioning effect, helping to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers or bedsores.

The natural properties of sheepskin regulate body temperature, ensuring a cosy warmth during colder seasons and a refreshing coolness in warmer climates. Wool is naturally breathable, and provides air circulation, reducing the build-up of moisture and maintaining a dry and healthy environment for the body and skin.

Medical sheepskins are tanned with antibacterial and anti-fungal chemicals; there is no chrome used in the tanning process at all. They have a higher density of wool fibres than standard sheepskins and can withstand washing. The skins are not only beneficial for those with limited mobility or chronic conditions but also for anyone seeking a luxurious and cosy addition to their home.

Size: 60 x 90 (this is a natural product so sizing and shape will differ based on the animal)

Care and washing: wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. Let dry in a cool shaded area – it is important to keep out of the sun. Do not rub, rush or massage the sheepskin. If using a washing machine, set on delicate wool cycle.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sheepskin for my newborn

Ordered a medical grade sheepskin for my newborn and she loves it! It’s the only place she’ll sleep for long besides in our arms ☺️ warm and cosy and breathable for winter

Nadine Trent
Medical sheepskin

The medical sheepskin is excellent quality and it has made my Dads life more comfortable

Nadia Shaik
Outstanding size and quailty


Douw Grobler

I bought the sheepskin for my friend who has cancer, this wonderful product is not taking the pain away but alleviating it to bring some much needed relief and more quality of life .I would definitely recommend it to other patients and friends who also have someone in need of relief.

Amazing quality product

I bought two of these, the first for a bed-ridden patient; I was so impressed by the quality that I bought a second one for myself to keep on the couch in our bedroom. I was a little nervous as the price is a lot lower than other people are selling, but the quality is 50x better than anything else I have seen on the market.