Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my size?

At Groundcover we take pride in handcrafting each pair of shoes that are made in our factory. Due to the artisanal nature of our footwear creation we recommend double checking your size if you are unsure. 

Each of our footwear products has a sizing chart specific to that pair of shoes on its products page, please check the relevant sizing chart to ensure you purchase the correct size. 

Do I need to "break in" my footwear?

Almost all of our styles are made from full grain leathers which can often require your footwear to be “broken in”. Most of our footwear will have a tight fit feel at first – they should feel snug, yet not uncomfortable. Try to take your time to wear them in and, as you do, they will stretch and form to your feet.
You may also need to “train” the tongue and laces of many of our boots as they break in. Try to make sure that the laces and tongue are correctly positioned for a comfortable fit, this will make the break in process easier and will ensure that, overtime, they form a natural shape around your foot. If there is a slight discomfort or something out of place, you should adjust the lacing and position correctly.

How can I get more comfort out of my footwear?

Most of our footwear are made with a leather insole that ensures durability and long term comfort. However, some people may find the insole a little firm, in which case a removable insert can be placed in the shoe for extra padding and cushioning. Check out our foam insole, wool insole and halfsock for options, however there are many other alternatives available at local stores and online.
Your sock option plays a big part in the fit and feel of your footwear too, we suggest trying the boots on with various types of socks to get a more accurate feel to how the boots will fit all round.

What materials are used in Groundcover products?

We do our utmost to source all our inputs locally and ethically.

All our shoe uppers, bags, belts and accessories are made from genuine leather, sourced from local tanneries as opposed to cheaper imports.

The type of leather ranges from veg tan full grain to floater, depending on the product. We have made the decision to use leather insoles in all our shoes as opposed to fibreboard; while this is costlier, it ensures longevity of the footwear, long term comfort and allows for future resoles. Soles are made in either leather or various rubber compounds (Therma-rubber) – no plastic soles are used.

Do we offer resoles and relasts on footwear?

We offer resoles and relasts on all Groundcover footwear, at cost. Please bring in or send us your footwear, our factory will assess them and advise on the appropriate course of action to get them looking like new again!

How can you care for footwear and leather products?

Shoe care tips

With regular cleaning, care and rest you should get many years of service out of your Groundcover footwear. Although not a strict requirement, it is best to rotate between two or three pairs of shoes, giving the leather time to ‘rest’ and mrepel moisture picked up on the previous days’ adventure.

If your shoes get soaking wet, we recommend inserting newspaper into them and leaving them to dry in a cool area. Leaving your shoes in the sun or direct heat causes the leather to harden and eventually crack.

Due to the nature of sole compounds, it is also important to “flex” your footwear regularly, especially if the soles are made from PU. If you find you are not wearing your footwear often, then try to flex them by hand at least monthly. This keeps the glue nice and flexible, and the sole won’t crack or

Cleaning your footwear

To clean your footwear, remove mud or dirt using a damp cloth, you can use with a little soap for really stubborn stains. It is important to let your shoes dry naturally, away from direct sunlight and then treat (between twice a week and monthly, depending on how often you wear, and how hard you are on, your product) as follows:

  • Full-grain leather shoes (outdoor/work)
    Rub some Groundcover leatherfood into the leather, allow it to penetrate and buff with a brush. This will nourish the leather and provide some water resistance. Once leatherfood has been applied, some polish may also be buffed into your footwear give your leather a bit of color and shine. Should you find you have neglected your footwear for a long time, and the leather has hardened, some leather cream will provide moisture, after which regular use of leather food can be used again.
  • Dress/casual shoes and leather bags
    Depending on how soft you would like your leather to feel, you can apply either Groundcover leather cream or, for a firmer finish, leatherfood, to your product. Allow the leather to absorb the product and  buff with a soft cloth.
  • Suede
    Use our suede cleaner and brush to remove dirt and stains as per the instructions on the bottle. Excessive use of soap and water will dry out the leather. If you find your leather is hardening, a small amount of leather cream can be applied to soften it. Apply our ‘Resistor’ to your footwear to help repel liquid and oils from the leather.
  • Nubuck
    This material gradually loses its finish, at which point you can treat it as for full-grain leather. To delay this process, use a suede cleaner and resistor as above.

Why do colours and tones vary on products?

We use natural materials to create our leather products. Leather colours, tones and shades may vary with the batches of materials sourced. Colours also show up differently on different computers.

Should you have a particular requirement in this regard, please contact us to confirm current batches of leather colours.

When will I get my order?

For all local orders, we deliver using The Courier Guy. They collect from our factory 3 times weekly. Once payment has reflected, please allow 3-5 working days following your order for delivery, depending on your area.

For all international orders, please contact for a shipping quotation.

What is our returns policy?

If you are in anyway unhappy with your product, or have issues with sizing etc. please return your product to us. We will gladly provide an exchange or a full refund on all unused products. While we offer free shipping on all orders over R500, customers will be responsible for courier costs on returns. 

Please include a note about your product and send returns to:

Groundcover Leather Company, Curry’s Post Road, Howick, 3290