Haytham Hough - Johannesburg

Most days I can’t remember how my Groundcover relationship started. All I remember was I REALLY wanted boots that came up to my calves, that were comfortable to wear and they had to be leather but thoughtfully and sustainably made. I came across Groundcover and when I saw the pricing, reviews and style I was immediately hooked, and sent forth the internet ravens to confirm my purchase asap.

3 years later I am absolutely proud to wear my South African made motorcycle boots from Groundcover each and every day. I own a motorcycle only, no car, and thus I wear them each day I ride my bike, which amounts to 57ish km’s a day for work or 1400 odd km’s including my run-arounds, and I often keep them on for work when I know I’ll have a super long day. I’ve worn them in each and every weather condition from rain and shine, blazing hot to freezing cold weather and their durability seems almost ceaseless. I’m a carpenter by trade, but studying as a teacher, so their toughness keeps up against being slammed by wooden planks and raw trunks but stylish and comfortable enough to look neat for clients and tidy for students and teachers as well as parents whilst staying comfortable enough after a long bike ride.

My day starts up when I put on my boots, and my day winds down when I take them off. They remind me of my life, they remind me I’m alive and that I must make the most of it.


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