Estera Stegen - Pietermaritzburg

I stumbled upon Groundcover while driving though the midlands, aimlessly exploring the area as one often does around here. Located on the Currys Post Road, this hidden gem piqued my curiosity from the moment I walked into their shop.

It all began with a simple purchase of a belt, but from there, I was hooked. The leather craftsmanship and overall aesthetic of their products perfectly aligned with my personal style, prompting me to return for more. Before I knew it, I had accumulated several pairs of sandals, belts, veldskoen and an incredible backpack-style bag that I now carry with me everywhere.

Of all my purchases, the bag and the sandals have quickly become my favourites. When the scorching heat of the KZN midlands hits, I abandon all other summer shoes in favour of my Groundcover sandals. They effortlessly complement any outfit, and I have had them re-soled, rendering them just as good as new.

As for my bag, it has become my trusty companion. Not only is it incredibly spacious without appearing bulky, but its practicality and stylishness far surpass any other bag in my collection.

At the end of the day, Groundcover has expertly blended aesthetics with functionality, making their products seamlessly fit into my lifestyle. And, as a result, they will undoubtedly remain a staple in my day-to-day life.

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