Desriee Manicom - Pietermaritzburg

I approached Justin in the late 1990s to make me a pair of boots that I could wear while on an academic conference in Europe. Specifically I was looking for something that would be comfortable to walk in as I planned to do lots of exploring, but also to keep my feet warm as the conference was in the winter months. He kindly made me a bespoke pair of boots, which he lined with wool.

The boots were hand crafted so well; I have never had footwear fit to my feet as well as they did. I wore them throughout my travels and on subsequent academic trips all over Europe. Nearly 30 years on, and a couple of resoles later, I still have the same pair, which accompany my on all my overseas winter travel as well as trips to the berg in colder months. From these boots, and subsequent goodies that I have bought over the years, I cannot recommend the quality, craftsmanship and longevity of Groundcover product enough. They are a local gem and the last of a generation of true craftsmen.

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