The Sabie Boot

It is impossible to stock a range of footwear that cater to the needs of everyone as well as changing market preferences. While Groundcover has had some evergreen styles that have been on our shelf since 1990, other designs have come and gone, and then come again. Around 2022, we started to get a lot of questions about a boot specifically designed for the bush and safari, we also got a lot of feedback about the rising demand for a style with a wedge sole. So, one of Dan and Angs’ first moves as the new custodians of Groundcover was to go back to one of our old designs, the 1997 Hiking boot, and relaunch with a few modern variations – resulting in the Sabie Boot which came onto our shelves in 2023.

The old Hiking boot has been updated to specifically cater the bush demand. It is the only boot in our range that makes use of a wedge sole which is better suited to flat terrains and makes use of a bellows tongue, which prevents sand and dust getting into the shoe. While designed for the bush, the product has turned out to be a great “all-round” boot; its stylish look makes it appropriate as an urban boot, its durability makes it a great work boot and the wedge sole has the added benefit of not dragging mud indoors like many trek soles do!

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