The Berg Boot

The Berg boot is the “OG” boot of Groundcover that we have been offering since our doors opened. Justin and Amanda were avid lovers of the Drakensberg and sought to create a hiking boot that could handle the rugged terrain of the mountains with ease and comfort. Additionally, having just purchased a farm in the KZN midlands, they saw a need to combine this boot with the practicality of a work boot. And so was born the Berg Boot.

The boot design has not changed at all in 30 years. We use a trek sole that offers grip and sturdiness, a padded bellows tongue to keep dirt out, a padded collar to offer ankle support, combined with full leather lining and a leather insole. This boot captures the sole of the origins of Groundcover; a well-crafted utility boot, created for longevity and comfort. We have hundreds of customers offer feedback on positive associated ergonomics, with the boot being breathable, flexible and durable.

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