Nguni Skins

Many centuries ago, a very special breed of cattle arrived in southern Africa. They were named after the Nguni people who migrated with their herds from the north central and eastern regions of the continent, crossing the Zambezi around 600 CE and settling in much of present-day South Africa. Evolved from the Sanga longhorn cattle — as depicted in 8000-year-old rock art in Lybia and the Sahara, and later in the Egyptian pyramids and in San rock art — the Nguni are a very hardy breed.

In 1999, we sold our Sussex cattle and bought a registered Nguni herd from a breeder near Pongola. Our reasoning was simply that we wanted beautiful and hardy cattle. Little did we know that the demand for Nguni as a sensible production animal — as well as for Nguni skins and fashion accessories — was going to skyrocket within a few years.

Today we have around one hundred and twenty breeding cattle, which we trade at an annual breeders sale in nearby Mooi River. We have collected outstanding animals of different patterns and colours. As a result, ours is perhaps the most photographed, painted and admired herd in the country. We are members of the KZN Nguni Club and are proud to be involved in the preservation of this remarkable breed.

While our herd isn’t big enough to provide for all our product needs, you might be lucky to find a Groundcover hide for sale in our store. Otherwise, we look to get hides locally, both for skins and products.


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