Buckle Belts

Justin was 12 years old when he first started taking an interest in leatherwork. Using his artistic flair, he used to pick up leather scraps which he used to hand carve designs and patterns. At about 14 years old he started to make actual leather products, and often incorporated his hand carved designs into these. One of the first products he started making, for friends, were buckle belts. The simple design and plain leather allowed him to showcase his art on a product that people could actually use. After his passing, one of his school friends returned to us a belt that Justin made for him when he was 14 (see pictured).

On their travels in America, Justin and Amanda saw a huge demand for their hand-crafted belts. Having perfected the art, they would sit at rodeo shows in Texas and produce customised belts for the many people that would request them. In Lesotho, they taught dozens of people the art of belt making, some of which still manufacture in the highlands today.

From these early beginnings, belts have always been a key part of our range. We offer a wide variety of buckle belts, all made using a thick veg tan leather or Nguni skin.


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