Women's Wool

  • Wool Moccasin – Adult

    Sheep Wool Moccasin Slippers Genuine wool lining and sheep skin collar. Beige slipper has a 3mm taupe EVA sole - R430.00 Navy slipper has a 5mm black EVA sole – R455.00  
  • Wool Slipper – Adult

    Slip-On Wool Slippers Indoor suede slipper with Genuine wool lining and a padded leather insole Sole: Eva Wedge Pink wool slipper is only available in sizes 2 – 9
  • Wool Arctic Boot

    Leather Comfort Boot Genuine wool lining and insole, hand-laced with decorative tassels on one side. Height of Boot (excluding sole) : 34cm. Fitting:  Medium – soft squarish toe (check your sizing) Sole: Delta  
  • Wool Blizzard Boot

    All Purpose Unisex Leather Boot An outdoor boot with genuine wool lining and insole; Stitch down construction with pull-on loops. Height of Boot (excluding sole) : 29cm. Fitting: Broad (check your sizing) Sole: Trek  
  • Wool Tamara Boot

    Outdoor Wool Boot Mid-calf boot with genuine wool lining and leather insoleGold zip down the inside. Choose from a black leather boot with a Forest Black Sole, or a Donkey Nubuck with a Forest Crepe Sole. Fitting: Medium – with soft round toe
  • Wool High Boot – Adult

    Fold-Down Unisex Suede Boot Indoor and Outdoor suede boot with genuine wool lining and insole. Sole: Eva Wedge
  • Wool Ankle Boot – Adult

    Indoor Suede Ankle Boot Genuine wool lining, woven into boot with wool insole. Sole: Eva Wedge Pink wool ankle boot is only available in sizes 2 – 9
  • Wool Alpine Boot

    Wool Knee Boot Long leather boot, just below the knee, with genuine wool lining; Two straps and buckles for decoration near the top of the boot; One strap and buckle for decoration over the bridge, zip to close. Height of boot (excluding the sole) : 34cm. Fitting: Medium; rounded toe (check your sizing) Sole: Forest (black)  
  • Wool Winter Boot

    All Purpose Unisex Boot A leather over-ankle boot with genuine wool lining; Side zip and velcro to close. Fitting: Broad – Soft round toe Sole: Forest (Black)